Lucent Government Solutions (LGS) has a long history of delivering quality products and services to the U.S. Armed Forces. The SeaPort-e program has a diverse set of functional areas that may require the participation of multiple internal and external partners. LGS's ability to effectively manage quality across this diverse team with the One Lucent Management System and the task specific quality plans assures a consistent and disciplined approach to meeting customer requirements.

Quality Management

LGS believes that a unified approach is the most effective way to manage quality across multiple partners and organizations. With over 45 internal ISO 9000 and TL9000 certifications around the world, LGS is firmly committed to taking a disciplined and systematic approach to quality. To improve the effectiveness of our quality management, the scalability of our systems, and our ability to adapt to change, LGS decided to consolidate all registrations into one corporate ISO 9000 and TL9000 registration through the One Lucent Management System Initiative.

The Vision for the One Lucent Management System is to have an efficient management system that is understood, accepted, used by all, and recognized as a key enabler to our success. The goals of the management system are for Best In Class: Customer Satisfaction, Quality Performance, Employee Engagement, and Financial Performance.

Through the use of common tools, processes, language, and metrics, LGS couples the ability to form diverse teams, with the assurance that quality will be consistently managed to meet or exceed customer expectations.


Quality Assurance through Task Order Specific Quality Plans
Diverse Program requirements call for a robust and scalable methodology for managing quality from the simplest to the most complex task order. In addition, when teams form to deliver a solution using multiple internal and external partners, the potential exists for disparate quality expectations. As more groups are involved, the potential for variance in quality increases.

LGS will utilize Task Order Specific Quality Plans to ensure every team member, on every task order, follows a consistent and disciplined approach. Stemming from our internal commercial best practices, the approach offers the ability to manage key quality elements in a large Program with a diverse solution-set. The plan serves as a component of Project Management, and is completed by the LGS Project Team in the Project Planning Stage. The following key elements are included in each Task Order Specific Quality Plan, and are tailored based upon project size and complexity:

  • Acceptance Criteria and Requirements
  • Audit Management Plan
  • Corrective/Preventative Action Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Quality Representatives and their Roles/Responsibilities
  • Management Reviews

Combined with the elements in the One Lucent Management System, the Task Order Specific Quality Plan approach fulfills key elements of our ISO 9001:2000 compliant quality management system.